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CLASS 36, this class contains:


financial activities;

monetary transactions;

real estate transactions.


The class includes mainly monetary and financial services and services associated with all types of insurance contracts.

This Class includes, in particular:

– services related to monetary and financial transactions, namely:

(a) the services of all banks or related institutions such as money exchange offices or clearing houses;

(b) services of credit institutions other than banks, such as cooperative credit associations, stand-alone financial companies, lenders, etc .;

(c) services of investment and holding companies;

(d) intermediary services for transactions involving securities and property;

(f) services related to monetary transactions performed by trustees;

(f) services rendered in connection with the issuance of traveler’s checks and letters of credit;

– services of real estate administrators, i.e. rental, real estate appraisal or financing services;

– insurance-related services, such as insurance agent or intermediary services for insurance companies or agents and policyholders, and insurance policy signing services.

This class contains the following products:

English list


credit bureaux

debt collection agencies

estate agencies (real -);real estate agencies

customs brokerage

analysis (financial -)

leasing of farms

hire-purchase financing;lease-purchase financing

savings banks

accommodation bureaux [apartments]

collection (rent -);rent collection

issuing of travellers’ checks [cheques];travellers’ checks [cheques] (issuing of -)

credit cards (issuance of -);issuance of credit cards

issue of tokens of value;tokens of value (issue of -)

capital investments;fund investments;investment (capital -)

information (insurance -);insurance information

financial information;information (financial -)

clearing, financial;clearing-houses, financial

consultancy (insurance -);insurance consultancy

consultancy (financial -);financial consultancy

stock exchange quotations

business liquidation services, financial

brokerage *

financial management;management (financial -)

exchanging money;money (exchanging -)

debit card services

credit card services

banking (home -);home banking


collections (organization of -);organization of collections

antique appraisal;appraisal (antique -)

appraisal (jewellery [jewelry (am.)] -);jewellery appraisal;jewelry appraisal

appraisal (stamp -);stamp appraisal

appraisal (real estate -);real estate appraisal

appraisal (numismatic -);numismatic appraisal

appraisal (art -);art appraisal

evaluation (financial -) [insurance, banking, real estate];financial evaluation [insurance, banking, real estate]

evaluation (repair costs -) [financial appraisal];repair costs evaluation [financial appraisal]

funds transfer (electronic -);transfer (electronic funds -)

bail-bonding;guarantees;surety services

securities brokerage;stocks and bonds brokerage

housing agents;real estate brokers

insurance brokerage

loans [financing]

lending against security;pawnbrokerage

check [cheque] verification;verification (check [cheque] -)

charitable fund raising;fund raising (charitable -)

leasing of real estate;real estate (leasing of -)

rental of offices [real estate]

apartments (renting of -);renting of apartments;renting of flats

financial sponsorship;sponsorship (financial -)

mortgage banking

instalment loans

accident insurance underwriting;fire insurance underwriting;health insurance underwriting;insurance underwriting;life insurance underwriting;marine insurance underwriting

apartment house management

estate management (real -);real estate management

actuarial services


retirement payment services


mutual funds

financing services

safe deposit services

deposits of valuables;valuables (deposits of -)

fiscal assessments;valuations (fiscal -)


French list

agences de crédit;crédit

agences de recouvrement de créances;créances (agences de recouvrement de -);recouvrement de créances (agences de -)

agences immobilières;immobilières (agences -)

agences en douane;douane (agences en -)

analyse financière

agricoles (location d’exploitations -);exploitations agricoles (location d’-);location d’exploitations agricoles

bail (crédit- -);crédit-bail

caisses de prévoyance;prévoyance (caisses de -);épargne

agences de logement [propriétés immobilières]

loyers (recouvrement de -);recouvrement de loyers

chèques de voyage (émission de -);voyage (émission de chèques de -);émission de chèques de voyage

émission de cartes de crédit

bons de valeur (émission de -);émission de bons de valeur

capitaux (investissement de -);fonds (placement de -);investissement de capitaux;placement de fonds

assurances (informations en matière d’-);informations en matière d’assurances

financières (informations -);informations financières

compensation (opérations de -) [change]

assurances (consultation en matière d’-);consultation en matière d’assurances

consultation en matière financière;financière (consultation en matière -)

bourse (cote en -);cote en bourse

liquidation d’entreprises (services de -) [affaires financières]

courtage *

fortunes (gérance de -);gérance de fortunes

change (opérations de -);opérations de change

cartes de débits (services de -)

cartes de crédits (services de -)

banque directe [home-banking]



antiquités (estimation d’-);estimation d’antiquités

bijoux (estimation de -);estimation de bijoux

estimation de timbres;timbres (estimation de -)

biens immobiliers (évaluation [estimation] de -);estimations immobilières;immobiliers (évaluation [estimation] de biens -);immobilières (estimations -)

estimation numismatique;numismatique (estimation -)

art (estimation d’objets d’-);estimation d’objets d’art

estimations financières [assurances, banques, immobilier];financières (estimations -) [assurances, banques, immobilier]

coûts de réparation (estimations financières des -);estimations financières des coûts de réparation

fonds (transfert électronique de -);transfert électronique de fonds

cautions [garanties];garanties [cautions]

bourse (courtage en -);courtage en bourse

biens immobiliers (courtage en -);courtage en biens immobiliers

courtage en assurances

prêt [finances]

gage (prêt sur -);prêt sur gage

chèques (vérification des -);vérification des chèques

bienfaisance (collectes de -);collectes de bienfaisance

affermage de biens immobiliers;baux (établissement de -);biens immobiliers (affermage de -);immobiliers (affermage de biens -)

location de bureaux [immobilier]

appartements (location d’-);location d’appartements

parrainage financier

nantissement (prêt sur -)

acomptes (paiement par -);paiement par acomptes

accidents (assurance contre les -);assurances;incendie (assurance contre l’-);maladie (assurance -);maritime (assurance -);vie (assurance sur la -)

gérance d’immeubles;immeubles (gérance d’-)

biens immobiliers (gérance de -);gérance de biens immobiliers;immobiliers (gérance de biens -)


affaires bancaires;affaires financières;affaires monétaires;bancaires (affaires -);financières (affaires -);monétaires (affaires -);opérations financières;opérations monétaires;transactions financières

caisses de paiement de retraites (services de -)

fiduciaires (services -)

capitaux (constitution de -);constitution de capitaux;fonds (constitution de -)

financement (services de -)

coffres-forts (dépôt en -);dépôt en coffres-forts

dépôt de valeurs;valeurs (dépôt de -)

estimations fiscales;expertises fiscales;fiscales (estimations -);fiscales (expertises -)