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CLASS 43, this class contains:

Food and beverage supply services;

provision of temporary residence.


The class includes mainly services provided by individuals or institutions, the purpose of which is the preparation of food and drink for consumption and the provision of services for the provision of places and meals in hotels, boarding houses or other establishments providing temporary accommodation.

This Class includes, in particular:

– services for booking accommodation for travelers, in particular through travel agencies or through agents;

– boarding houses for animals.

This Class does not include, in particular:

– services for transactions with real estate, such as renting houses, apartments, etc. for permanent use (Cl. 36);

– travel arrangements by travel agencies (Cl. 39);

– services for the preservation of food and beverages (Cl. 40);

– services in discos (Cl. 41);

– boarding houses (boarding schools) (Cl. 41);

– rest houses and sanatoriums (Cl. 44).

This class contains the following products:

Russian list

accommodation agencies [hotels, guesthouses]

rental of temporary housing

rental of meeting rooms

recreation centers

hotel reservations

booking places in boarding houses

temporary accommodation booking


nursing homes






boarding houses for animals

rental of furniture, table linen and dishes

tent rental

rental of mobile buildings


self-service restaurants

canteens in production and in educational institutions

services of recreation centers [provision of housing]

bar services

camping services

services for preparing meals and delivering them to your home

nursery for children


English list


accommodation bureaux [hotels, boarding houses]

accommodation (rental of temporary -);rental of temporary accommodation

rental of meeting rooms

homes (tourist -);tourist homes

hotel reservations

boarding house bookings

accommodation reservations (temporary -);reservations (temporary accommodation -)


homes (retirement -);retirement homes





boarding houses;houses (boarding -)

animals (boarding for -);boarding for animals

rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware

rental of tents

buildings (rental of transportable -) *;rental of transportable buildings *


restaurants (self-service -);self-service restaurants


camp services (holiday -) [lodging];holiday camp services [lodging]

bar services

campground facilities (providing -);providing campground facilities

catering (food and drink -)


French list

agences de logement [hôtels, pensions];logement (agences de -) [hôtels, pensions]
location de logements temporaires;logements temporaires (location de -)
location de salles de réunions
maisons de vacances;vacances (maisons de -)
hôtels (réservation d’-);réservation d’hôtels
pensions (réservation de -);réservation de pensions
logements temporaires (réservation de -);réservation de logements temporaires
hôteliers (services -)
maisons de retraite pour personnes âgées;personnes âgées (maisons de retraite pour -)
restaurants à service rapide et permanent [snack-bars]
motels (services de -)
animaux (pensions pour -);pensions pour animaux
location de chaises, tables, linge de table et verrerie
location de tentes
constructions transportables (location de -) *;location de constructions transportables *
restauration [repas]
libre-service (restaurants -);restaurants libre-service
camps de vacances (services de -) [hébergement];vacances (services de camps de -) [hébergement]
bars (services de -)
camping (mise à disposition de terrains de -);mise à disposition de terrains de camping
traiteurs (services de -)
crèches d’enfants