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CLASS 44, this class contains:

Medical services;

veterinary services;

services in the field of hygiene and cosmetics for people and animals;

services in the field of agriculture, truck farming and forestry.


The class includes mainly medical care, hygiene and cosmetic services provided by persons or institutions to humans and animals; services related to the fields of agriculture, truck farming and forestry.

This Class includes, in particular:

– medical analysis services related to the treatment of people (such as x-ray examinations and blood tests);

– services in artificial insemination;

– pharmaceutical consultations;

– animal breeding;

– services related to the cultivation of garden plants;

– services for the composition of flowers and garden design.

This Class does not include, in particular:

– destruction of parasites (with the exception of agriculture, horticulture and forestry (Cl. 37);

– services for the installation and repair of irrigation systems (Cl. 37);

– ambulance transport services (Cl. 39);

– slaughter of livestock and making stuffed animals (Cl. 40);

– felling, felling and sawing of timber (Cl. 40);

– animal training (Cl. 41);

– health clubs (Cl. 41);

– scientific research for medical purposes (Cl. 42);

– boarding houses for animals (Cl. 43);

– rest homes for the elderly (Cl. 43).

This class contains the following products:

English list


baths for hygiene purposes (public -);public baths for hygiene purposes

baths (turkish -);turkish baths

rehabilitation for substance abuse patients

design (landscape -);landscape design

clinics (medical -);medical clinics

convalescent homes;homes (convalescent -);rest homes

wreath making

hair implantation

homes (nursing -);nursing homes

pharmacy advice


aromatherapy services




artificial insemination services

hairdressing salons;salons (hairdressing -)

midwife services

veterinary assistance


medical assistance

rental of sanitation facilities

farming equipment rental

aerial and surface spreading of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals;fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals (aerial and surface spreading of -)

animal breeding


gardening (landscape -);landscape gardening

beauty salons;salons (beauty -)


blood bank services

health care

flower arranging


exterminating (vermin -) for agriculture, horticulture and forestry;vermin exterminating for agriculture, horticulture and forestry

weed killing

health spa services

visagists’ services

opticians’ services

plant nurseries

in vitro fertilization services

psychologist (services of a -)

sauna services

solarium services

telemedicine services

pharmacists’ services to make up prescriptions

nursing, medical

lawn care

animal grooming;grooming (animal -)

grooming (pet -);pet grooming

physical therapy;physiotherapy


plastic surgery;surgery (plastic -)

surgery (tree -);tree surgery



French list

bains publics à des fins d’hygiène

bains turcs;turcs (bains -)

désintoxication de toxicomanes

conception d’aménagements paysagers;paysagers (conception d’aménagements -)


convalescence (maisons de -);maisons de convalescence;maisons de repos;repos (maisons de -)

confection de couronnes [art floral];couronnes (confection de -) [art floral]

implantation de cheveux

maisons médicalisées

consultation en matière de pharmacie;pharmacie (consultation en matière de -)

hospitaliers (services -)

aromathérapie (services d’-)

manucure (services de -)



insémination artificielle (services d’-)

coiffure (salons de -);salons de coiffure

accouchement (aide à l’-);aide à l’accouchement

art vétérinaire;vétérinaire (art -)

art dentaire;dentaire (art -)

assistance médicale;médicale (assistance -)

location d’installations sanitaires

agricoles (location de matériel pour exploitations -);exploitations agricoles (location de matériel pour -);location de matériel pour exploitations agricoles

engrais et autres produits chimiques destinés à l’agriculture (épandage, aérien ou non, d’-);épandage, aérien ou non, d’engrais et autres produits chimiques destinés à l’agriculture

animaux (élevage d’-);élevage d’animaux


jardiniers-paysagistes (services de -);paysagistes (services de jardiniers- -)

beauté (salons de -);salons de beauté


banques de sang (services de -)

santé (services de -)

composition florale


animaux nuisibles (destruction des -) dans l’agriculture, l’horticulture et la sylviculture;destruction des animaux nuisibles dans l’agriculture, l’horticulture et la sylviculture

destruction des mauvaises herbes;herbes (destruction des mauvaises -)

stations thermales (services de -)

visagistes (services de -)

opticiens (services d’-)

pépiniéristes (services de -)

fécondation in vitro (services de -)

psychologue (services d’un -)

saunas (services de -)

solariums (services de -)

télémédecine (services de -)

pharmaciens (services de -) [préparation d’ordonnances]

gardes-malades (services de -)

entretien de pelouses;pelouses (entretien de -)

animaux (pansage d’-);pansage d’animaux

animaux (toilettage d’-);toilettage d’animaux


chiropractie [chiropraxie]

chirurgie esthétique;esthétique (chirurgie -)

arbres (chirurgie des -);chirurgie des arbres

hospices [maisons d’assistance]