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Amazon and CIS Trading Platforms: Comparison

The site of the Amazon platform is among the ten most visited sites in the world. If we compare various trading platforms, Amazon has the highest proportion of visits to the site of people who then perform the targeted action, i.e. purchase. This is why the marketplace is so attractive to sellers. At the same time, various platform services remove a significant part of the work from sellers, taking over customer requests, logistics and storage.

However, not all sellers, knowing the advantages of Amazon, immediately come to it with their goods. Some people test other trading platforms, make various registrations and often waste time in vain. Comparing the largest marketplaces will allow you to draw conclusions and make a decision.

It is the largest retail company with the number of sales per day exceeding 400 thousand commodity items. The main advantages of the site include:

  • program of analytics, logistics, marketing;
  • weekly receipt of profit from sales;
  • attendance of about 7 million people per day;
  • small commission

The downsides of Wildberries are:

  • frequent price reductions, which sellers do not control, because according to the marketplace policy, there must be large discounts on goods;
  • the need to provide certificates for goods;
  • difficult process of returning the goods;
  • frequent changes in document flow, rules, commission size, work regulations, etc.

For these and other reasons, it can be argued that Amazon’s customer service is much more thoughtful and stable.


Having a smaller audience than Wildberries, the marketplace boasts a fairly high traffic. It is about 2.5 million people a day.

Let’s consider the benefits of working with a marketplace:

  • convenient application for forming orders;
  • a convenient number of warehouses in different cities;
  • training program for beginners;
  • testing the need for products;
  • cooperation program for referrals

The disadvantages of working on Ozone include:

  • to work you need to be a legal entity or an entrepreneur;
  • a very large commission;
  • additional options are also expensive;
  • the only form of settlement with the seller is a cashless transfer to the account;
  • the marketplace will be more understandable for sellers who have experience in trading on similar platforms


This is a platform with an interesting concept that guarantees the best price on the market, with over eight million buyers throughout the year. Goods has its own mobile application, the launch of which increased the number of customers by almost 1 million people. Let’s consider the positive aspects of working on the platform:

  • convenience for buyers, because the marketplace takes care of the availability of commodity items;
  • a small commission for using the service;
  • the possibility of test use of the platform for some time;
  • motivation for making repeat purchases has been developed;
  • sometimes sellers are compensated for participation in promotions

The disadvantages of the Goods are:

  • lack of storage facilities, the seller organizes the issue of storage of goods independently;
  • to work you need to have a legal entity;
  • the seller independently collects orders and deals with their packaging

Analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages of the listed platforms, one can conclude that Amazon is confidently leading in many respects. It will be convenient both for beginners, helping them to immediately enter a large market, and for experienced sellers who will appreciate its service, because they already have something to compare with.

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