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Amazon Sales in the Covid Era

For the second year, the crisis continues around the world from the Covid pandemic. Massive cuts affected all industries, but least of all – online commerce business. This is how Amazon’s marketplace generated record profits over this period. It should be noted that the preferences of buyers have undergone significant changes. Both experienced sellers and newcomers to the marketplace should pay attention to this in order to successfully promote their business.

What Has Changed in Customer Preferences

By analyzing the keywords for which people in the Covid era began to search for goods on Amazon, certain conclusions can be drawn. Sanitizers, face masks, soap, toilet paper, etc., have taken the first places for a long time.

Analyzing the relationship between online shopping and lockdown, it can be noted that the surges in sales occurred precisely during the period of complete quarantine restrictions. Moreover, according to the charts compiled for different regions, the situation is identical.

As for the preferences of consumers from different countries, they differ from each other. US buyers focused on various things for the home, the inhabitants of sunny Italy preferred to purchase goods for sports, and the Germans – goods for home leisure (computer games, consoles, etc.).

The logical change on the marketplace was the increase in sales of products and manufactured goods, since many shops closed during the quarantine period, and the need to shop has not diminished.

The next trend, as already mentioned, was the growth in demand for medical products, personal care and products that protect against the virus (masks, etc.). In the states, this trend has been added to the growth in sales of air purifiers.

The third and quite understandable trend is the increased demand for categories of products for the orchard and vegetable garden. Amazon buyers had more free time and began to develop the territory.

Trend №4 refers to various games and toys. The leaders here are mainly video games and consoles.

Rounding out the list is the skyrocketing popularity of sporting goods. The buyers decided to go in for sports during the time freed up in quarantine and due to the closure of gyms. Here we note an increase in sales not only of equipment and various trainers, but also of sportswear. In addition to the above-listed, on the Amazon site, they began to actively buy related products for PCs and laptops, office supplies, goods for hobbies and for animals.

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