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Copyright belongs to one of the areas of protection providing for copyright, except for a trademark,
patent for an invention, patent for an industrial design, etc.

In order to be protected by copyright, your object must meet some requirements:
– have a little creativity;
– be original, i.e. do not rewrite another;
– be able to fix.

According to the Berne Convention and the international protection of copyright, to which more
than a hundred countries of the world are subject, copyright protection is granted to all citizens of
these countries and is automatically valid for the life of the author and for another 50 years after it.

Having received copyright, you will be able to carry out the following actions:
– create and distribute copies of your object;
– present your object publicly (show or perform);
– make changes, adaptations or translate your object into other forms and onto other media.

Copyright may include the following types of works:
– musical (instrumental recordings, various songs, tracks for advertising);
– literary (poetry, articles for newspapers/magazines, software for computers, scientific literature,
teaching aids, advertising texts, business catalogs);
– dramatic;
– choreographic (dance, ballet) and pantomimes;
– sculptures, graphics and painting (including photographs, maps, advertisements, cartoon
characters, statues, etc.);
– sound recordings;
– films of a different nature (including TV shows, TV commercials, interactive);

– architectural works (including architectural plans).
Copyright has a division into property and non-property. This means that the author has the right to
receive financial benefits if his object is used by others, and the author may also refuse permission
to change his work. Objects protected by copyright may be accompanied by a special “copyright”
In a listing on Amazon, photos, videos, drawings, diagrams, etc., can also be protected by
In case of copyright infringement, depending on the country or region, administrative, civil and
criminal liability may apply.
In order to help you and protect the copyrights on your objects, we must receive from you photos of
the objects of protection and payment for our services – from $300. Then you will immediately
receive an application number, and within a period from 4 to 8 months – a Certificate confirming
your copyrights. The duration of obtaining a certificate is regulated by the workload of experts.

  • Защита авторских прав
  • $ from 300 /mo

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