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Features of TM Registration

If you are thinking on which of the international trading platforms to start your business, feel free to choose Amazon. It is one of the most popular and sought-after international marketplaces.

Going to Amazon, you need to take care of registering your own brand. Otherwise, if you are successful in this business, your product or trademark names may be copied and appropriated by other platform members.

It is not necessary to register your brand on Amazon. However, this is a necessary procedure if you want to use significant advantages over other participants. Registration will give you new opportunities.

You will receive protection for your brand.

Once you register a trademark or your own brand with Amazon, no one can use the trademark that you own. When a case of plagiarism occurs, you, as the copyright holder, feel free to file a complaint. A platform member who has violated your rights will be blocked and will not be able to conduct business.

You will be able to better promote services and goods on the marketplace.

Successful promotion is always accompanied by recognition. Therefore, as a brand owner, you will use a unique logo and name to design your Amazon store.

All marketplace participants who have registered their trademark on Amazon receive a unique identification number that allows the buyer to easily find the product in the search database.

Among other things, goods sold under a registered trademark have unique identifiers. Thanks to this, your customer will be protected from counterfeits and low-quality products of other brands whose products are similar to yours. This will increase customer loyalty and help promote your business.

Before registering a brand on the Amazon marketplace, you need to be familiar with some of the nuances. For example, not all countries have the opportunity to register, but only a few. These include the United States, Japan, EU countries, Canada, etc.

In the event that you are a seller of a product that you have developed yourself, have an IP (intellectual property) object, etc., it must be patented. In the presence of a patent, it is necessary to register the TM. To simplify the procedure, the registration of an Amazon Private Label will help by obtaining a TM registration certificate, which is provided by the United States Patent Office. It will take more time if you register TM in other countries.

To start a successful activity on the Amazon marketplace and take advantage of new opportunities, contact only trusted specialists for help. We will help to legalize and protect your business from violations of intellectual property rights, in the field of TM, patents, commercial and copyright. You can always get advice by contacting us or leaving your contact information in the feedback form on this page.