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Financial Accounting


Amazon’s financial accounting is an extremely important component of the activities of sellers cooperating with the marketplace. It is the attentive attitude to your financial performance that allows you to reach a completely new level of sales, preserving your successes and multiplying them many times over.

To facilitate the task of managing your profitability on Amazon, the unique Sellerboard service, equipped with many useful tools to grow your business, will help. Before making a purchase decision, you can try using the site’s functions for two months free of charge, which is very convenient, especially for newcomers to Amazon.

Using the financial accounting platform Sellerboard, you can analyze key performance indicators in real time and make decisions on products that are not profitable. The task of accounting is facilitated by the ability to display information in a graphical form for the required periods of time and indicators.

Amazon’s financial accounting on Sellerboard is easy to maintain, with full detail on each product, including profit, returns, sales and other indicators such as BSR. In the same way, you can easily control the movement and balances of your funds.

One of the unique opportunities that the service provides is PPC Dashboard. With its help, you have the opportunity to fully analyze advertising campaigns on Amazon based on automated data. In addition, you can get some key break-even indicators that are not visible in your Amazon account. 

An interesting function of the service is the display of all deductions and refunds of the Amazon marketplace. These include remissions, storage charges, various fees and payments. Now they can be observed in one place.

Thanks to the service, you can track the warehouse, indicating the required delivery time. According to the settings that you set, the service will analyze the state of the warehouse, reminding you to replenish the warehouse with goods, place a new order for the supplier, etc.

If you have a desire to conduct a more in-depth analysis or have other goals, you can export all data from the service in a format convenient for you.

The Sellerboard service does not forget about your customers as well. With the help of an autoresponder, you will be able to maintain feedback with them and build closer and more trusting relationships for further cooperation.

Connect one of the best Amazon financial accounting services right now and get powerful tools for your business!

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