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By contacting us, you can get various services for your activity in the USA. The most demanded of them today are:


registration of companies in the USA;


opening a bank account abroad (in the USA);


– obtaining business visas.


Registration of a company abroad in the United States of America is a reality, not a dream in order to conduct business activity on a completely new level. First, you need to choose the organizational and legal form of the company. Despite the fact that there are many forms, two of them stand out, which are the most popular: Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Corporation (C-Corp). LLCs are often registered as a Partnership.


It should be noted that the set of documents for a company in the USA may vary not only depending on its form, but also on the state of registration.


As of 2019-2020, the most popular states for registration are as follows (in descending order): Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska, Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Indiana. These states levy basic taxes, but some do not exist at all. In other words, the listed states have a comfortable tax climate for LLCs and corporations, as well as individual characteristics that increase their attractiveness for business.


Before you register a company in the USA in the register of the selected state, you need to decide on the name of the company. After starting the registration process, you will receive the first document Certificate of Formation or Articles of Organization, depending on the state of registration, with an official mark. In addition, you must have a document similar to the Articles of Association – Operating Agreement (for LLC) or Bylaws (for Corporation). Then you get the employer tax number for legal business – EIN. By registering a company in the USA, you must have on hand a document that may be needed in various situations – Tax Letter or Confirmation Letter.

In general, in order to open a company in the USA you need to have experience and special legal training, but it is better to entrust this important step to our professionals!

Opening a company

  • In the states of New Jersey and Florida
  • $ 800 /mo
  • In Wayoming, Delavere and South Dakota with owner concealment and money protection including FEIN / Tax ID
  • $ 1000 /mo

Further, for the full functioning of the company, it is necessary to open a bank account abroad, which will provide an opportunity to conduct non-cash transactions. Account options in the United States may look like this:


– settlement accounts abroad for a natural person;


– business accounts for a company;


– investment bank accounts for a company or natural person.


By contacting us, you will receive answers to all the questions that interest you and a full range of services for opening an account in the USA.

Opening a bank account

  • Without presence for the company in the American Bank (Bank of America NA)
  • $ 1000 /mo
    • You can make a utility beat

We also provide services for legalization of visa and opening of immigration business visas of various types and help to obtain a Green Card in the USA (the right to permanent residence). We will help you to get a visa as soon as possible.

Immigration business visas

  • B1/B2 visa
  • $ 1000 /mo
  • H2B visa
  • $ 3000 /mo
  • Е-1 visa
  • $ 5000 /mo
  • Е-2 visa
  • $ 5000 /mo
  • L-1 visa
  • $ 7500 /mo
  • Green Card / Green Card / Right to Permanent Residence
  • $ 15000 /mo
  • H1B visa
  • $ 7500 /mo

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