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How to Increase Conversion on Amazon

Conversion on Amazon is an important indicator on which getting of your product to the top of search results, and, accordingly, sales increase depends. The main indicators affecting conversion are the following:

– the sales rating of your product;

– customer reviews about the product and service;

– feedback from buyers in the listing, this includes answers to questions about the product, delivery, service, etc.;

– images in the listing (photos, diagrams, examples of use, etc.);

– good value;

– the amount of time a buyer views the listing;

– the quality of filling the product page (listing).

By analyzing each of these indicators, work can be done to improve it.

  1. Rating of sales of your product

Best Seller Rank or BSR shows the lag of a product from a bestseller, in which BSR is equal to one. The value of the indicator can be viewed in the listing Description. To get a quality indicator (tending to decrease) and increase conversion, you need to increase sales on the marketplace. At the same time, you should not abuse advertising, discounts, buyouts and other “gray” methods, because in the end it will not lead to anything good. The only exception is the launch of new product positions.

  1. Customer reviews about the product and service

Good reviews are essential to boost sales. There are not many of them, especially given the fact that the marketplace itself periodically cleans them in order to remove fake ones. Also, positive responses should overlap negative ones that sooner or later still appear on the pages of even an excellent product.

  1. Feedback from buyers in the listing

You need to answer questions from buyers constantly, even if there is not enough time. If you have a lot of product positions, it is worth hiring specially trained people who can correctly formulate answers, stimulating listing visitors to buy. Do not forget that competent answers are a continuation of the story of your product and an additional opportunity to increase sales.

  1. Images in the listing

In order for the visual part of the listing to work, the images in it must answer the following questions from the buyer:

– how this product works;

– how it is used;

– for whom it is intended;

– a complete set of goods;

– why this product is better than analogues.

  1. Good value

You need to know that the product with the lowest price does not stand out on the Amazon marketplace. Therefore, you should adhere to the middle line in the formation of value. It must meet the following parameters:

– let the seller earn money;

– be competitive;

– give the buyer an understanding of what he is paying for.

  1. The amount of time a buyer views the listing

This indicator can be partially influenced by using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A + Content. This is an opportunity for a high-quality listing with the help of special templates that add branding, and are available only to those marketplace sellers who have a registered trademark. You can get help in registering TM and other services for sellers on Amazon by contacting our specialists.

  1. Quality of filling the product page

Your listing must meet the following requirements:

– the product card is filled to the maximum, there is all the necessary information about the product;

– the benefits of the product are indicated;

– information is structured;

– details of the product are indicated so that it can be found by filters;

– spelled out keywords that will lead to the product from the search;

– the listing ends with a call to action.

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