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Recommendations for Amazon Business Beginners

Amazon’s marketplace is growing at a fast pace. The era of the pandemic only played into the hands of both novice and experienced sellers, opening up wider opportunities for online trading for them.

Sellers who are just entering Amazon need to take into account the recommendations for newbies, which will help them avoid common mistakes, as well as bring their business to new levels more easily and smoothly. You need to be especially attentive to changes in platform policy and carefully monitor them. Otherwise, you can both miss new opportunities and get into trouble, the correction of which will require significant effort and time.

Recommendations for Amazon Business beginners necessarily include registering TK on the marketplace through the Amazon Brand Registry. This rule provides not only the protection of the seller’s intellectual property, which is very important, but also other advantages. You can find out more about them and leave an application for registration here.

Considering working with FBA or FBM systems, you should give preference to the first one, because in this case, more traffic will be received, which is more reliable. It should be noted, however, that you will have to find a balance between profit and price. In addition, both systems can be used simultaneously.

Recommendations for Amazon Business beginners include paying close attention to their page on the platform. It must be correctly optimized for search engine words – keywords. It is necessary to take into account not only the setting of keywords and phrases, but also the number of characters in the title, high quality and the required number of product photos, filling in bullets, etc.

Difference from competitors is also something to think about when starting your Amazon seller journey. The experience, brand and products that a beginner is going to offer on the marketplace must have strengths and differences from the competitors. The uniqueness of the offer must be undeniable and attract the attention of customers. Otherwise, there is a risk of merging with the rest of the mass of sellers only correcting prices, but not showing new products. And the most important thing to understand when entering Amazon is whether there is a clear and realizable purpose of participating in the site, other than the desire to get more profit. The presence of a goal will determine the time required for development, will show how much financial resources and specialized knowledge will be needed to reach the desired level. The goal will also help to build a plan of specific actions leading to a result that will suit the seller already some time after starting a business on Amazon.

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