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Trademark (TM) is a combination of any properties that allow the product of this TM to differ from competitors. The branding of the product begins with the creation of the TM.

A trademark (TM) is a TM that is registered and represents an intellectual property. TM can be registered in three variants: word, figurative or combined (word + figurative) trademark. Registration of a trademark requires experience and legal knowledge, so in order to avoid mistakes it is worth contacting the help of qualified lawyers.

If you decide to register a trademark, you will receive full legal protection for your product. Besides: 

– your trademark will receive features of capital and can be used in commercial transactions, act as collateral, be a gift item, etc.;

– the registration certificate will allow you to get a ban on its use by other persons and the right to receive compensation for damage;

– you will be able to transfer TM for use to other persons and thus receive income from its use.

A registered trademark is a certificate of the company’s reliability.

To obtain registration, you must go through a search for the availability of the name and then submit the necessary documents. Patent registration, photograph copyrighting and Amazon listing are all separate.

  • Trademark registration
  • $ 100 /mo
    • Professional search from $ 100 includes classification to estimate the cost of registration
    • Submission of documents in the USA from $ 775 for each additional class + $ 350 takes from 6-12 months with Amazon Brand Registry and you can get a TM in the UK and Germany, it takes 3-4 months, costs from $ 700 and an accelerated 1-2 months in Germany from $ 900. Submission of documents in Japan from $ 1100 takes 10-16 months. The amount of TM registration in Europe in all countries about $ 1500 takes from 4-6 months, and in China from $ 800 takes from 12 months. Australia and Canada from 800$ takes from 24-36 month and in Canada for certificate from 400$. Registration in the USA through the IP Accelerator from $ 1300 and any objections from $ 400, and it is also important to know that the brand register and protection is issued only for the provided product with a listing
    • Additional Countries: Benelux, Israel, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Indonesia, Japan, India, Switzerland, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Italy, Moldova, Russia, South Africa, OAPI (Countries Central Africa), Vietnam, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Brunei, …
    • We receive a decision to receive a TM or an objection. Simple objections from $ 100. Answer to complex objections and waiver from $ 200
    • Proof of product use from $ 450 (optional)
    • Extension of the period of non-use of goods for six months from $ 450 (optional)
    • Submission of an affidavit after 5 years from $ 450 per class
    • Every 10 years, renewal of protection from $ 625 per class
    • Sale of a trademark or change of owner 1-2 months $ 250 and urgently up to 1 month $ 350

Registering a trademark on Amazon through the Amazon Brand Registry system, in addition to protecting intellectual property, will allow you to receive a number of other benefits:

– increasing the conversion of your pages by 20% due to control over them, posting correct product information, creating high-quality content and design;

– creating advertising, similar to contextual, based on your branded ads;

– the availability of your product in a global search across all stores on the marketplace, as well as search by logo or product photo;

– smart automated search process and deleting those accounts that violate your intellectual property rights.

To obtain the Amazon brand registry in the USA you need to have a TM filed for registration, and for protection the registered TM one depends on the country

You will also need the following information:

– the trade mark presented in the text or graphics;

– Serial number issued upon filing or registration number;

– the names of the categories in which the brand’s products are placed;

– the name of the countries in which the product is manufactured and sold.

Before registration, a check will be carried out for the possibility of its implementation and, if successful, a confirmation code will be issued for your seller account.

It is important to remember that brand registration does not apply to videos, music and books.

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