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Why You Need to Register a TM

The concept of “trademark” is designated by different wording depending on the legislation of a particular country. In general, TM is a logo, symbol, slogan, word, or a combination of these elements, which means a brand of goods/services. The task of a trademark is to distinguish a company, product or service from competitors. This is the first step for successful business promotion.

You will not be able to register words describing an ingredient, quality or feature of a service or product as a trademark.

Before applying for registration of a trademark, you need to go through a search for identity with already existing TM. You can leave a request for search here. – HYPERLINK. After verification, refusals can be in such cases of similarity: the names sound equally and have external similarity, after translation, the same meaning is obtained or the same impression arises from a commercial point of view.

The next step after verification is the registration of the trademark. It is beneficial to do this for the following reasons:

– ownership of TM gives the exclusive right to use the elements legalized for you in the form of a logo, words or combinations of words in the niche you need;

– you can better organize your marketing, save money on an advertising campaign and attracted specialists;

– the value of your company in the presence of a registered trademark increases significantly;

– your TM is officially protected in the country of its registration.

In addition, it will be necessary to register your TM if you act as a manufacturer of a product and do not intend to close its release. A business aimed at more than one year requires a comprehensive approach and protection. If someone decides to claim your trademark and tries to use it illegally, you will be able to receive compensation in material terms on a full basis.

By issuing a license to use your TM, you also receive a set amount of payments for its use.

An important aspect for business owners in some countries is the possibility of obtaining a first-level domain for prestige and status on the Internet. This is only possible with your own registered trademark.

You can find up-to-date information on how to register a TM in the USA and European countries on this page. We provide a full range of services for Amazon entrepreneurs who are serious about their business and want to be successful in their work.